Social Responsibility: Benefits for Farmers and Communities

Social Responsibility: Benefits for Farmers and Communities

Nov, 15 2016

A French skin care brand that was born in 1954 in the Multaler Laboratories, pioneers and leaders in aromatherapy. Combining product efficiency, the art of professional touch and the scented subtle communication of the Essential Oil aromas - "Quintessence", Yon-Ka products and treatments allow the skin to protect itself against both the external and internal aggressions it is exposed to on a daily basis.

Yon-Ka Paris is committed to deliver immediate and long lasting visible results, by providing the skin with all the natural means to help restore and maintain its optimum balance and solutions to all its issues with no compromise to the skin`s health. Yon-Ka considers each individual in the entirety, and our approach is holistic. Every treatment Yon-Ka offers will convey this global approach to well-being beauty thru tailor-made and customized treatments.

With a commitment to quality and safety the Yon-KA collection is manufactured in a filtered air environment and the Laboratories are in compliance with the most rigorous international standards of manufacturing. The selection of primarily organic land plants and marine extracts are sustainably farmed using renewable resources. Product tolerance tests are monitored by dermatologists. 

Committed to state-of-the-art education and training, product efficiency and continuous advancements in the skincare industry, Yon-Ka Paris is a pioneer and leader in professional skincare. With 13 comprehensive courses ranging from introductory to new innovation and advanced wellness, the Yon-Ka educational programs occur at two state of the art training retreats located in Los Angeles, California and Rockaway, New Jersey. Excellent customer service and customized business building support is provided by a dynamic team of Yon-Ka Spa Executive Consultants and internationally trained therapists.